Myofascial Release

Fascia is a connective tissued comprised of collagen and elastin fibres, it surrounds all of the internal body tissues and connects layers of muscles. Healthy, relaxed Fascia gives cushioning and support to our joints and structures but it can be affected by physical or emotional stress or trauma.
In years gone by Fascia was thought to be inert but it has recently been discovered to be sensory, having 10 times more sensory nerve receptors than muscle tissue and can contract and relax as muscles do. It’s now thought of as the largest system in the body and plays an important role in joint stability and mobility. If the fascia is out of alignment it can cause problems with surrounding structures, nerves, blood vessels and interrupt lymphatic flow.
Fascia Release is used for the treatment of Soft Tissue, Fascial Tensions and Restrictions. Some of the benefits of this treatment are;

  • Improvement in Muscular range of motion
  • Reduction in Pain
  • Improved Blood circulation and Lymphatic flow
  • Maintaining normal Muscular Function
  • Quicker recovery from Injury
  • Treats Emotional Holding Patters that can contribute to pain

What to Expect in a Treatment

Myofascial Release is not your traditional massage.

  • Movements are slow, gentle stretches to the Fascia held for between 5-9 minutes
  • Not typically used as a full body treatment due to the time it takes for Fascia to release
  • No oil or cream is used as this would cause sliding on the skin
  • You may feel emotional during or after the treatment as Fascia is thought to hold on to emotional stress or trauma

60 Mins £45

If you would like to find out more about Myofascial Release and whether this treatment is right for you please send your enquiry by email to