On-Site Chair Massage

Have you considered the potential benefits to your business and your staff of incorporating On-Site Chair Massage into your company?

What is On-Site Chair Massage?
A time effective Massage Treatment with powerful results. It can be easily incorporated into an employees lunch or coffee break with treatments between 15 and 25 minutes, has minimal space requirements and the employee does not need to remove any clothing.

How can On-Site Chair Massage benefit your Business and Employees?
There are a vast number of benefits of on site chair Massage both to your business & your employees I have listed just a few below.

Increased Employee Productivity
Employees who feel they are being looked after are likely to give more focus & attention to their jobs. This extra mental clarity will help to improve the speed & accuracy of their work.

Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Depression
Stress levels can be reduced by up to 85%, Anxiety by up to 25% & Depression by up to 30%.

Relieves Headaches
Headaches show to have a reduction in intensity & duration by up to 50%.

Improves Quality of Sleep
With a reduction in Stress & Anxiety levels, and a greater sense of wellbeing employees can see improvements in their Quality of Sleep. This will in turn improve their alertness, focus & energy during work hours.

Prevents Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal Tunnel & Muscular Tension
With a regular treatment studies show conditions such as RSI show a reduction in occurrence by up to 37%, up to 15% in cases of Carpal Tunnel & 48% for Back Pain & Muscular Tension.

Reduces Employers Healthcare Costs
By preventing Injuries such as Repetitive Strain, Carpal Tunnel and Low Back Pain you could reduce the costs of your Employee Healthcare Plans.

Improves Employee Satisfaction
Employees who are happy in their job are far more likely to stay with a company for longer. Meaning less time spent on training new employees.

Boosts Office Morale
Team Work is essential in any office, with improved employee Satisfaction & Wellbeing staff will be more inclined to work together to meet deadlines.

If you are interested in finding out more about On-Site Chair Massage and its Benefits please contact me by phone on 07922 696493 or by email at info@marawellbeing.co.uk